Point to point / Multi point wireless Network

The inter connectivity established between two or more distant locations (WAN) on wireless radio frequency. A wireless point to point/multipoint link can bridge two or more separate Ethernet network into one large network or can even perform special functions like route networks based on the user requirement The Point-to-Point Link can work as a broadband backbone for hotspots, outdoor coverage access points and DSL switches. For creating such connections we recommend to use our 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz wireless Outdoor Point-to- Point Bridge Kit, Outdoor Bridge High power or Multi band

Features and applications:

  • Shared data and resource and applications commonly
  • Manage data centrally and effectively.
  • Share common services like Internet and voice
  • Manage and control devices like CCTV cameras, attendance and control devices centrally.
  • Must for implementation of service like ERP (Enterprise resource planning).
Point to point Multi point wireless network