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Firewall Router

Features and applications:

  • Multi bandwidth Load balancing.
  • Secured and managed network and self healing multi mesh network. Qos, firewall, routing.
  • User’s privileges controlled by administrator.
  • Administrator has complete control and manageability of the entire network.

Usages can be controlled based on the following parameters:

  • Time: The usage  restricted based on time.
  • Speed: Each user can be controlled at specific speed; the speed can even be controlled at different time intervals.
  • Traffic: The usage can be controlled based on data transfer. The administrator can limits the user based on certain   traffic    
  • Service: The administrator can restrict individual user based on certain service of port blocking for example FTP access can be blocked to a single or group of users, chat and download access can be deny.
  • Content filtering: administrator can block the adult websites based on the URL address or the keyword content.

Router OS main features:

  • Routing
  • Load Balancing
  • Tunnels and VPN
  • Bridging
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Cache
  • Firewall
  • HotSpot
  • Router and Network Administration
  • Remote access via Telnet and GUI

Application examples:

  • Backbone router
  • Bandwidth Controller
  • Firewall
  • VPN (PPPoE, PPTP, L2TP) server
  • IPSec encryption
  • HotSpot gateway
  • User Manager
  • Dude Server