CCTV and IP based CCD camera

IP based CCD (charged-coupled device) cameras are 520 TVL digital CCTV Based surveillance cameras with TCP/IP networking capabilities and H. 264 compression for lower transfer speed. With these cameras user can monitor their assets and operations locally or remotely over the INTERNET & INTRANET which ensures the complete control over their operations, specially our models supports remote pan/tilt, zoom, recording functions. The major advantage of these cameras are their inbuilt web server functionality which enables them to be viewed ,record over the Internet. our product supports static, dynamic IP address and also support PPPOE Technology. Security and surveillance is one of the fastest growing applications for fixed wireless equipment.

Features and applications:

  • Based on IP technology support both wired and wireless network.
  • Remote PAN/TILT /ZOOM/RECORDING capability available.
  • Supports functions like Audio, infrared for night vision, motion detection, remote firmware up gradation.
  • Recording can be done from any PC.
  • Freeway and city traffic monitoring.
  • Site Monitoring Construction.
  • Industrial/Plant Monitoring.
  • Campus Monitoring.
CCTV and IP based CCd camera