Campus Hotspot Wi-Fi

A Hotspot is any location where Wi-Fi broadband network access is made publicly available through a WLAN. Hotspots are often located in heavily populated places and typically have a short range of access. Wi-Fi is a system wherein colleges, locality, campus, offices, cage, hospitals, hotels, residential and business establishment are made wire free. Users can connect PDA/laptop or Pc with wireless support or use a wireless adapter in their non wireless supporting Pc or laptop to access the Internet or local network without the need to connect cables across the campus. Users can also access the INTERNET or LAN   while in Roaming.

Features and applications:

  • 100% wire free Internet and data access across the campus.
  • Connect non Wi-Fi devices using wireless USB adapters.
  • Secured and managed network and self healing multi mesh network. Qos, firewall, VLAN, routing.
  • User’s privileges controlled by administrator.
  • Administrator has complete control and manageability of the entire network.